Presentation and policy of the company

The company Eshor Constructions Ltd. has already gained a great recognition within the construction sector as a company specialized in the construction of all types of reinforced concrete structures, starting with the smallest houses and ending with the greatest projects.

The enterprise policy of Eshor Constructions Ltd. has as objective obtaining the total satisfaction of its customers. In order to achieve it, company first of all offers integral quality in the processes, putting to the customer's disposal excellent working systems and services, in addition to a professional management conducted by highly qualified personnel. ESHOR is an ISO-9001 certified company.

Another one of the priorities in the trajectory of the company is the strict fulfillment of the contract deadlines, without any reduction of the quality and complying with all the technical and security legal regulations.

Within the policy of the company, the motivation of the personnel occupies a very important place, regardless if it is the construction site personnel or from the different departments that compose the group, by means of a certified system, included in the quality manual.

Being in the first line of the construction market, it takes a strong bet on the research, development and innovation that since the beginning had characterized this company. Eshor has its own R+D+i department to study new systems and the most advanced technologies in order to offer exclusive solutions. A relevant example being the own formwork system Rocblan, patented by Eshor, as the numerous elements and methods of security or procedures.

Eshor counts in its headquarters on 200 sqm. of offices, perfectly equipped with the latest technologies in order that all its departments to be able to perform of a satisfactory manner.
Additionally, it counts on 900 more sqm., destined for development and fabrication of its own working systems, material storage, machinery parking, automobiles, and offices to manage those.

In the Madrid delegation, it also counts 150 sqm. of offices, 700 sqm. of warehouses and 500 sqm. of spaces for moving and distribution of materials and equipment toward different working points.