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The lost formwork system from ESHOR® for laying of foundations is formed by a series of square elements prefabricated and available in different heights and materials: porespan, cardboard, cement or plastic and that are placed connected with each other, forming columns of 10x10, to provide stability and rigidity to the foundations slab.

This system is used in pouring foundations, connection beams and foundation slabs, leading to important reductions of excavations, concrete and manual labor. The rapidity of the assembly, water free cleaning edges and the lack of need to remove the formworks after laying of foundations are some of the most important advantages of this system.

Mostrar PatentesEach unit of square elements has inferior channels that allow a easy drainage on the land and a better underground water evacuation avoiding the humidity by capillarity. The chamfers in their corners allows that in the union with another piece a space to be created, that when filled up with concrete will create subjection feet.


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