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Painting cabin

Proal Fene brings among its equipments, a new powder painting cabin, for metallic elements, converting this auxiliary construction company into a pioneer in Ferrol surroundings, and one of the first of Galicia that use this innovating technology in the painting field.
The powder painting system, brings considerable advantages against the traditional liquid painting, involving a considerable cost reduction of the process. The process consists in applying the powder painting trough an electrostatic discharge field, to the element that travels on the rails. The adherence will be perfect in only one pass, eliminating the triple imprimation task and two painting hands in the traditional painting system. In addition, the drying times between two painting hands are eliminated, resulting in a considerable reduction in the painted square meter price.

Another great advantage of this process, consists in its great finishing, that, aditionally gives a more professional look to the painted element, more durability and resistance to the blows, thus avoiding the exfoliation that occures following a blow, leading to the oxidation, thanks to the perfect fusion of the painting to the piese.

Proal makes available for all companies and particulars this new technology with its spectacular results, for painting all tipes of metallic hardware, regardless if they are closings, furniture or any other class of tools.

The painting process includes a cleaning treatment, degreasing for the new components, or sandblasting for used ones.

The cabin counts in addition on other important technological innovation like the recovery through cyclones of the dust painting that falls during the process.

One of the incentives of the Proal company at the moment of aquiring this modern machinery, was also the search for better health sollutions for its employees. The novelty trough witch this cabin improves the health condition of the workers that operate it, is the elimination of inhalation of dissolvents or other chemical agents, harmfull for the workers, due to the new working technology, in the same time beeing environmentally safe.