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Renting / Selling Auxiliary Equipments

Metallic Boards for slab forming, fabricated out of steel sheets, 2mm in thikness, beeing more resistant and lighter compared to wooden boards, thus improving the the speed and security on mantling and dismantling the formwork.
It is the best investment with an up to 200% increased reliability compared to the conventional ones.

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Adjustable Towers for pouring concrete pillars, made out of steel profiles 4mm and offering a high pressure strenght. Its capacity to adjust on hight, recommends it for all type of jobs that requires a platform ranging from 3 to 6 meters of hight. It is necessary only one person to operate this platform.

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Telescopic Forklift to manage loading and unloading tasks, moving of materials, rising working platforms, and much more.
This vehicle has the facility to move on difficult terrain and is more dynamic than the classic crane.

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