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Proal Fene develops its activity within the area of services to companies in the construction sector. In our factories we have developed the elements necessary to carry out the construction of a solid and fast concrete structure: metallic boards, auxiliary supports, tools, tools or special molds, cases, among other products.

The commercial goal of this company had like addressee, at a first moment, almost exclusively Eshor. At the moment, we are in an expansion process, in what it concerns both the performance and the availabilility of the products we are offering, since before we produced basically under order, whereas now we lined up a serial production.

The aimed objective in Proal Fene is to convert our company in one efficient auxiliary company for other construction companies no matter how big they are. Mainly, we are offering as follows:

- Renting and selling of auxiliary equipment for constructions
- Renting auxiliary machinery.
- Customized formwork systems.
- Direct sells of new equipment.

In Proal Fene we are answering to all necessities than can occur in a construction site during the construction erection. If you are following this profile, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical offices will study your case and they will come out with the best customized solution, adapted to the demanded conditions.

Let us help you build better, faster and safer.