Research, Development and innovation R+D+i

» Own systems
» Formwork systems
» Foundation systems

Creation phases of a system.

The work necessities are analyzed. Then they are centralized towards the specialized personnel.

The initial sketches of a new system or improvement of the existing ones are the result of a daily analysis of the difficulties that the personnel encounters in working faster , more effectively and safer.

The first prototype pieces are made, being tested to determine the results and the possible improvements.
The technical department makes the definitive drawings and then forwards them in order to be patented. If necessary, the industrial model will also be patented.
Series production: Raw materials, cut, weld, painting and storage.
Presentation of the system and specific training for the correct use of the newly developed system.

360º image of our service shop

Move the mouse over the panoramic image. In the left and right edges of the photography the displacement movement is faster.